Parents and Carers

Finding the right teacher for your child can be a challenging task. Of course it is. I see this every day in school: students who ‘gel’ with teachers and students who, well, don’t. It’s all about relationships – that’s the core principle of teaching anyone anything. Relationships.

When people hear that I’m a teacher, their first question is, generally, ‘So what do you teach?’ Now, yes, I’m an English teacher, but I try to tell them that ‘I teach children’ rather than ‘I teach English’. There’s a distinct difference between the two responses – I think.

This is the mind-set that I seek from tutors who work for Just Tuition: subject specialists who recognise that, fundamentally, they teach children, and their subject comes second. The child comes first. The child’s unique learning parameters must supersede the tutor’s desire to talk about his/her subject. Learning can’t happen without this mind-set. It just can’t.

Below is a list of tutors who share this mind-set with me. These tutors are all professional subject specialists, but more importantly they recognise that they teach children. They are, fundamentally, teachers!

Should you not see your required subject specialist in the list below, please contact me and I will discuss options. The tutor’s absence from the list may just be because the 'admin' is still being processed.

Current Tutors

Janine - Highly Experienced Teacher of Primary Education

Daniel – English Specialist (Key Stages 3 and 4) and undergraduate students

Matt – Biology Specialist (Key Stages 2 – 4)

Rob - Physics and Chemistry Specialist (Key Stages 3 and 4)

Dawn – Computer Science Specialist (Key Stages 3 and 4)

James – Maths Specialist (Key Stages 2 – 4)

Joanne – History Specialist (Key stages 2 – 4)

Graham – Geography Specialist (Key Stages 2 – 4)

Gina – RE and PSHE Specialist (Key Stages 2 – 4)

Becky – MFL (Spanish and French) Specialist (Key Stages 2 – 4)