Just English Tuition

I provide tuition for GCSE English language and literature, Key Stage 2 SATs preparation and the eleven-plus entrance examinations.

I’m currently a teacher of English at a large – successful - secondary school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, so I am in-tune with up-to-date curriculum practices, resources and reforms. Importantly, due to my school commitments, my private tuition takes place between the hours of 4 and 9pm, Monday to Friday; weekend and holiday tuition is also available.

I am fortunate to have worked across the spectrum of ages and abilities in education. I have taught through key stages 2, 3 and 4 in local state – and independent – primary, SEN and secondary schools. I also teach many 18+ students to prepare for college, university and business.

Prior to teaching, yet inextricably linked, I was an entertainer for over ten years, and this experience set the foundations for making my lessons relaxed, calm and, importantly, enjoyable.

And why must students ‘enjoy’ the process?

Well, thinking back to my childhood, to this day I still remember all the fun, meaningful and engaging lessons, yet I’ve cast aside the banal, drab and boring ones. Thus, my tutorials follow a very simple formula: fun and engaging lessons rooted in a thorough and interweaved approach to the curriculum.

My style of teaching is far removed from the ‘traditional’, didactic and teacher-led approach. ‘Barking’ at students and simply giving them the answer is counterproductive, and counterintuitive. I encourage my students to use the structure(s) and hypotheses afforded to them to ‘discover’ the response – and subsequently express that response in an assured, confident and competent way, whether that be vocally or through writing.

And, guided by foresight, that is my aim. I seek to arm each student with the skills, theory and structure prerequisite for the many circumstances of ‘English’: whether that be SPaG for navigating the Year 6 SATs; whether that be critical thinking, essay technique and alternative interpretations expected at GCSE level; or whether that be proof-reading, drafting and editing content for a CV or job applications.

The study of English is by no means finite. It’s a continuum. And, with such a difficult and contradictory language such as English, a competent grasp of its working structure is essential for success in formative and summative assessments – and life.

Thank you in advance for considering my services, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any and all advice.


Justin BA (Hons) English Language and Literature (Northumbria); PGCE -English (Durham)