Are You a Subject Specialist?

Thank you for considering Just Tuition as an agent for your private tutorials.

I have a wide reach of families who use my services, some of whom for over seven years since I first started tutoring. I really value this. I value that my clients stick with me and trust the service I provide – and by extension, trust the teachers that are put in front of them. And it’s this trust that is the foundation of Just Tuition – along with communication.

Just Tuition is built on the core principles of trust and communication, and it is nothing short of a privilege to support children and families through their learning. Similarly, it’s a privilege to provide tutors with opportunities to help those children (and families).

With this in mind, please contact me should you be looking to work as a private tutor in your subject specialism. Demand is very high, and there are many rewarding opportunities in private tuition.

After expressing your interest to work as a tutor on behalf of Just Tuition, you will need to provide certain documents and information so that a thorough background check can be completed and references taken up. You will also be expected to attend an interview in the first instance (conducted online at present).

All tutors who work on behalf of Just Tuition must satisfy this ‘checking’ process before their details can be shared with clients. My clients will also get notification that these checks have been completed.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Justin Wardell